Foreclosure Loss Mitigation (Ways to Avoid Foreclosure)Depositphotos_6077644_LAgain, do NOT panic if you are behind on your mortgage payments or have been served with foreclosure paperwork. We have a comprehensive defense strategy that will assist you in defending against a foreclosure judgment while pursuing all viable foreclosure alternatives.

In developing the right plan for avoiding a foreclosure judgment, the starting point is whether you want to keep your property or liquidate (surrender). If you wish to keep your property, at the onset we will pursue retention options including but not limited to: Reinstatement, Loan Modification, Short-Payoff (discounted payoff), and Full Payoff/Redemption. We employ a sophisticated analysis to help you decide whether you want to keep your property. Although many times a client desires to keep his or her property for sentimental reasons, sometimes such a decision could cause a client permanent financial ruin. That being said, we will review your individual financial condition, relevant market values, assessments, alternative loan terms, full performance terms, and other key factors to determine your best course of action.

Sometimes liquidation is the best course of action. If you wish to liquidate or surrender your property, we will pursue non-retention options including but not limited to: Deed in Lieu, Short Sale, Consent Judgment, and Bankruptcy.

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